In accordance with requirements of international and national legal acts, the departing passengers and their baggage are checked at the Lithuanian airports. The main objective of the aviation security check is to ensure that prohibited articles are not carried on board aircraft. Passengers who refuse to undergo the check and screening of their baggage are not allowed to board an aircraft and are surrendered to police officers.

Recommendations for the preparation for the aviation security check:

  • Having checked in for the flight and handed over the checked baggage, passengers are recommended to immediately proceed to the aviation security checkpoint.
  • If passengers have any questions, they can approach the employees of aviation security check. They meet the passengers, check their boarding pass and instruct how to prepare for the check.
  • At the entry to the aviation security checkpoint there are empty boxes for placing personal belongings and outer clothes – telephones, computers, watches, belts, rucksacks, jackets, coats, etc. During the screening it is not required to take off rings, earrings or other small jewellery items.
  • Placing cabin baggage (handbags, suitcases, rucksacks) into the box is not necessary – it is enough to put such items on the rolling table.
  • Laptops and tablets are put into a separate box and cannot be covered with other items.
  • Liquids in cabin baggage must be carried in 100 ml capacity containers. They must be placed in a transparent closed bag of 1 litre (max size – 16x24 cm). Before screening the bag must be taken out from cabin baggage and presented to the aviation security officer. Other liquids that are allowed to be carried in cabin baggage in containers larger than 100 ml capacity, such as baby food or medications, must be taken out from cabin baggage and presented to the aviation security officer.
  • All items of passengers are subject to X-ray screening. Having noticed any suspicious personal belongings or items that are prohibited to carry, the officer asks for permission to additionally check them manually.
  • At the checkpoint, passengers have to pass the metal-detector arch which can trigger an alarm; in that case such passengers must be additionally checked manually. The aviation security officer can ask to remove footwear which is also X-ray screened.
  • After completion of the aviation security screening procedures, passengers are allowed to continue their travel and proceed to the boarding gate having collected their personal belongings.


Passengers often forget their personal items at the aviation security checkpoints. In that case we recommend contacting any aviation security officer or calling at +370 460 48402.

If, after the aviation security check, a passenger takes other person’s items by mistake, he should immediately return to the checkpoint as soon as he notices that and hand over such items to the employees working there. Otherwise the passenger may be accused of theft.

Items found in the passenger terminal (IT equipment and its accessories, personal belongings, clothes) at Palanga Airport, are retained for 6 months and then destroyed. Found documents or cash are surrendered to the police.

Passengers, who happen to leave their belongings at airport, should call the aviation security screening staff at +370 460 48402.

Last updated: 2023 11 10 14:24