Shuttle taxi No. M31, Klaipėda - Palanga - Palanga Airport

The timetables for the M31 Klaipėda-Palanga-Palanga Airport shuttle taxi are available on the Timetables page. Please note that the timetable shows departure times in italics and blue for the shortened route ending at Palanga Bus Station. As flights to the airport are adjusted to the arrival/departure of planes, the M31 timetable will change more frequently than other routes, according to the changing flight timetable, so please follow the timetable.

Tickets can be purchased:

In cash directly from the driver

1.80 €

Using your Klaipėda city public transport card

1.60 €

e.Ticket in Klaipėda city app

1.60 €

  • Valid monthly (30 days) e-tickets for Klaipėda Region Public Transport Zone 3, which are priced €85 (weekdays) and €99 (all weekdays), are also valid on this bus route throughout whole trip crossing all zones from 1 to 3;
  • Ticket discounts do not apply.

Things you should know when using public transport in Klaipėda:

Tickets recommended for city guests:

Tickets for bus routes within Klaipėda City (Zone 1):

Single ticket when purchasing from the driver (paper QR)

1.00 €

Single ticket when purchasing from a kiosk (paper QR)

1.00 €

Single e-ticket from e-wallet in the card **

0.64 €

Single e-ticket in the E.ticket Klaipėda app (App QR)

0.64 €

E-ticket in the card** for 1/3/7 days

3.00/7.00/12.00 €

Tickets for minibus taxi (Routes M5, M6 and M8):

Single e-ticket from e-wallet in the card ** day/night

1.10/1.50 €

Single ticket when purchasing from the driver (paper QR) day/night

1.20/1.50 €



** Klaipėda Public Transport Card (to be topped-up with e-money or the tickets with selected duration of the ride). You can purchase the card in Lietuvos spauda and Narvesen kiosks, as well as at the Customer Service Centre at S. Daukanto Str. 13A.

2.00 €

More types of tickets and prices can be found HERE

  • In Klaipėda City, passengers get on the buses through the front door and get off through the middle and / or rear door. All types of tickets must be activated using the ticked reading device installed on the bus. All information about Klaipėda City public transport can be found at

Should you have any additional questions, please contact us by e-mail: or on the Facebook account of the Public Enterprise Klaipėdos keleivinis transportas (Eng. Klaipėda Passenger Transport). 

Bus No. 3 Palanga – Palanga Airport – Šventoji

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