Marius Gelžinis, who is leaving the position of Director General of Lithuanian Airports, will be replaced by Aurimas Stikliūnas, who will take over the position on 23 June. The current Head of Aviation Services of Lithuanian Airports, who is responsible for flight development and business development, will hold the position on an interim basis until the Board of Lithuanian Airports selects and appoints a permanent head.

The former CEO of Lithuanian Airports, M. Gelžinis, has been in charge of the company for more than four years - since March 2018. His decision to step down was based on the fact that he had achieved all the main objectives set at the beginning of his tenure, and that the organisation would soon be transformed from a state-owned company into a joint-stock company.

Once Lithuanian Airports becomes a joint stock company, the State and the Ministry of Transport and Communications will remain the sole shareholder and owner of the company's assets. The transformation will also focus on ensuring national security.

One of the important future governance changes in the implementation of this decision relates to the strengthened role of the Board of Directors in the management of airports - the Board will elect the CEO of the company, approve the company's strategy, and some of the other management functions currently assigned to the Ministry of Transport and Communications will be redistributed and delegated according to the level of responsibility within the organisation. The change in legal status follows decisions by the Government and the Seimas, as well as recommendations by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to reduce political influence over state-owned companies.

Last updated: 2022 06 23 12:54

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