Lithuanian airports have completed the announced international competition for the selection of the operator of the parking lots - the contract was signed with the company Stova, which manages the uniPark brand. For the next ten years, the new operator will manage more than 3,300 parking spaces (current and planned in the future) at three airports - Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. The management of the parking spaces will be transferred to the company in stages from the autumn of this year until the autumn of next year.

According to the Director of the Commercial Department of Lithuanian Airports Gintare Norvilaite-Tautevice, the selection was won by a company that offers modern and digitized parking lot administration and maintenance solutions that will ensure comfort for airport passengers and partners.

"During the market consultations, we paid great attention to the airport development prospects, as we have set a goal to serve 10 million passengers in the future. This determines the corresponding requirements for our infrastructure, which includes parking lots. We aim to improve and unify the quality of the services provided in all our airports, in addition, with the help of one operator we will further optimize the operating costs of Lithuanian airports, so we will be able to pay more attention to functions in passenger terminals", says G. Norvilaite-Tautevice.

The company that won the competition has committed to implement the necessary technologies for high-quality administration of parking spaces, to properly adapt the existing airport infrastructure for use, to ensure all kinds of maintenance of the territory and equipment, and more. The company will also have to ensure security in the territory of the parking lots, take care of marketing projects, development of sales channels. The 10-year lease will ensure that all parking lots at the three airports will be centrally managed to the same quality standards - from one operator with one contact centre.

"When we started parking operations, we set a goal to digitize parking in Lithuania, so we appreciate the trust that Lithuanian airports have in us and the correct, future-oriented approach to our operations. The principle of parking at airports is unique, so the long-term experience that we have already gained in cooperation with Lithuanian airports will help to apply the most targeted solutions for the benefit of passengers and airports. We feel an obligation to create the most convenient and effective parking process for all Lithuanian travellers", says Arturas Satkunas, head of the Stova company that manages the uniPark brand.

The long-term contract stipulates that Stova will manage a multi-story parking lot, long-term parking spaces and a central parking zone at Vilnius Airport, which will be established together with the new departure terminal.

At Kaunas Airport, short-term parking and two long-term parking lots, as well as almost 10 thousand sq. m. of the area where the development of parking spaces can be carried out will be handed over to the new operator.

About 470 parking spaces, located in both short-term and long-term parking lots, will be handed over for administration at Palanga Airport.

According to the Director of the Commercial Department of the Lithuanian Airports, the goal given to the company Stova that manages the uniPark brand is to upgrade the parking lots at Kaunas and Palanga airports, as their equipment no longer meets the needs that arise due to a strong increase in passenger traffic.

The transfer of parking lots will take place throughout the year, and at the latest, the operator will take over the parking lots in the central zone of Vilnius Airport, which will have to be renovated and reorganized during the completion of the construction of the new passenger departure terminal in the northern part of the airport.

Last updated: 2023 07 12 13:50

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