The Palanga Airport reconstruction project, which was started in 2021 and successfully implemented at the beginning of 2022, the main contractor of which was the Latvian company A.C.B., won the highest rating in the Latvian construction awards. The project won first place in the competition "Latvijas Būvniecības gada balva 2022" (Latvian Construction of the Year Awards) in the category "Engineering Structure Reconstruction".

"For objects of this scale and specificity, even the smallest task needs to be planned very carefully in advance. The technical requirements are extremely strict, and the process requires not only knowledge but also well-organized teamwork. About 300 construction specialists from Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine participated in the airport reconstruction process in order to complete the construction works properly and within the set deadlines. During the implementation of this project, we set ourselves the highest requirements, and I am truly happy that the professionalism of our team was appreciated by the judges of the Latvian competition, which awarded the first place of the Latvian construction of the year award," says Anna Priscepa, a member of the A.C.B. board.

Palanga airport reconstruction works were started in 2021, and the object was put into operation in 2022. The project was difficult not only because of the high quality requirements but also because of the very short deadline. To carry out the work, the airport was closed for only 45 days.

During the reconstruction works, the nearly 2.3-kilometer-long and 45-meter-wide runway was renewed, as well as the taxiway and the aircraft areas, the reconstruction works covered an area of approximately 470,000 square meters. At the same time, the engineering and lighting systems of the airport were also updated.

During the reconstruction, the signal light system was redesigned to become more efficient and environmentally friendly - the old lamps were replaced with energy-saving LED lights. During these works, an approximately 100-kilometer-long cable network was laid, and more than 600 new lights were installed. After the implementation of these solutions, the electricity consumption for the path lighting alone should decrease by approximately 20 percent after the reconstruction.

"All project work was professionally managed and carried out by our and the contractor’s large team of specialists, for whom, I believe, this award will be a symbolic interpretation of the work done," says Arnas Dumanas, director of the Operations and Infrastructure Department of Lithuanian Airports.

Latvian Construction of the Year awards are held annually. The competition is organized in order to popularize safe, high-quality, and aesthetic buildings and structures that are built in the territory of the Republic of Latvia or outside its borders if Latvian citizens - builders, designers, construction manufacturers, etc. - are responsible for the implementation of the project.

Last updated: 2023 03 14 16:39

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