The biggest number of passengers during the whole history of this airport was serviced at Palanga Airport in 2019 – more than 338 thousand (more by 7 percent in comparison to 2018). The total number of flights increased by more than 500 and in 2019 this number reached the record heights by exceeding 5 thousand.

Palanga Airport is the fastest growing airport in the network of Lithuanian Airports. Since 2014, when three Lithuanian airports were joined into one organisation, the number of passengers in this airport has risen by more than 150 percent.


The Director of Palanga Airport Andrius Daujotas claimed that year 2019 was exceptionally successful for the smallest, nevertheless, the most consistently growing air gate due to several reasons: excellent passenger and airline servicing quality as well as astonishing loading indicators of the airlines.


“We are pleased that Palanga Airport has an impeccable reputation among the airlines. When communicating with their representatives we always hear that the quality of our servicing and maintenance is impeccable, while the cooperation with the crews or assistance provided to the passengers is prompt. Which allows us to introduce more airlines to the airport and they in turn offer more flights to various directions. Due to that the number of passengers also grows, since there are more and more European cities which can be reached from Palanga Airport directly. Moreover, the planes leave Palanga full of passengers – the excellent aircraft loading is another important reason for the growth or airport indicators”, claims A. Daujotas.

At the moment Palanga Airport is undergoing renovation – changes in the terminal infrastructure are carried out. Commercial zones are renovated and expanded, aviation security check zone at the airport is expanded (a new wing is under construction for this purpose), the area of the departure lounge is planned anew and increased.


After the completion of the renovation works, this spring already, the passengers will be able to pass the passport control faster and in a more convenient way, because non-Schengen departure zone will have one more additional State Border Guard window. All the changes to the infrastructure will increase the capacity of the airport: both aircraft and passengers will be able to move within the airport more conveniently and to pass the compulsory control procedures before the flight even faster.

The status of the smallest airport in Lithuania did not prevent Palanga Airport from becoming one of the fastest growing airports in the country. The number of flights in Palanga was growing more intensively than in Vilnius and Kaunas. During the last year the number of flights in the capital increased by 1 percent, the number of flights in Kaunas – by 5 percent, while the number of flights in Palanga increased by even 12 percent. Palanga Airport is also different due to the fact that in a relatively small airport the passengers are able to choose from as much as 7 airlines.


The flight Palanga – Dortmund (Germany), opened in 2019 was of special significance for the whole Western Lithuania. It is important to highlight that Germany is one of the most important markets of incoming tourism, one of the priority trends of foreign investments and business development not only for Lithuania, but particularly for Klaipėda Region as well.


According to the Director of Palanga Airport after the completion of the terminal reconstruction works, further investments into maintaining the quality of the platforms and plane runways as well as updating the equipment necessary for airport maintenance are planned.


After the changes in the infrastructure, during the summer season of 2020 it will be even more convenient to travel from Palanga to the following 3 new directions: “Norwegian Air Shuttle” will commence flights to Stockholm and Copenhagen twice per week, while “Ryanair” will offer flights to Dublin three times per week since March.


About Palanga Airport


Palanga Airport belongs to the network of Lithuanian Airports, managing three air gates located in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. During the winter season 15 airlines have direct flights from Lithuanian Airports to 78 regular destinations reaching 55 cities in 26 countries.

Last updated: 2020 01 15 12:20

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