On the last Sunday of October, the winter aviation season will start along with the change of time. This year, Lithuanian airports for travellers will offer almost 70 destinations, including two new routes for ski enthusiasts. According to representatives of Lithuanian Airports, the winter season routes will maintain Lithuania's good air connectivity with strategically important countries and regions in Europe.

“Although seasonality and a decrease in demand for certain flights in aviation have a significant impact on route adjustments, we will maintain connections to strategically important countries and regions - the most important destinations to Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France and the regions of Southern Europe will remain in our route network,” said Tomas Zitikis, Route Development Manager at Lithuanian Airports.

According to T. Zitikis, Lithuanian Airports had a very successful summer season, during which they managed to restore more than 90% of the pre-pandemic flight and passenger traffic, and they are ready to maintain this growth rate during the winter season. In his view, the growth trend should also be sustained by an increase in charter flights.

“Charter passenger traffic has been growing rapidly recently. This tendency should continue with the start of the travel season, and we should continue to see an increase in aviation traffic,” also added T. Zitikis.

During the winter season, Lithuanian Airports will offer passengers a total of 69 destinations. Flights from Vilnius Airport will be operated to 41 destinations. The airport will also launch two new routes for ski enthusiasts - to Grenoble (France) and Turin (Italy).  

Kaunas Airport will offer 22 routes, and Palanga Airport - 6.

Winter season at Vilnius Airport

Vilnius Airport continues to offer the widest choice of destinations. During the winter season, 41 routes will be offered. Travellers will be able to choose from destinations suitable for skiing or leisure holidays, business trips or long weekends.

Business trips travellers will be able to choose from countries such as the United Kingdom (with airlines such as Ryanair, LOT, Wizz Air), Germany (Ryanair, airBaltic, Lufthansa, Wizz Air), Sweden (Norwegian, SAS), Denmark (Ryanair, SAS) and Ireland (Ryanair).

Those planning a holiday from Vilnius Airport will be able to reach Armenia (Wizz Air), Spain (Ryanair, Wizz Air), Italy (Ryanair, Wizz Air), Iceland (Wizz Air), Turkey (Turkish Airlines), Georgia (Sakartvelo)(Wizz Air), Cyprus (Wizz Air), Malta (Ryanair), Austria (Ryanair), Israel (Ryanair, Wizz Air), Switzerland (SWISS). Two new destinations - Grenoble and Turin - will be offered at Vilnius Airport for those planning ski holidays.

For short weekend trips, travellers can visit the Netherlands (Ryanair, Wizz Air, airBaltic), Norway (Norwegian AIr Shuttle, Ryanair), Finland (Finnair), France (airBaltic, Ryanair, Wizz Air), Latvia (airBaltic), Estonia (airBaltic) and Poland (LOT).

Business trip routes at Kaunas Airport

Among the destinations offered in Kaunas there are Denmark (Ryanair), Norway (Wizz Air), the United Kingdom (Ryanair, Wizz Air), Belgium (Ryanair), Germany (Ryanair), Ireland (Ryanair), Sweden (Ryanair).

Those planning a holiday will also find a choice of destinations in Kaunas. The airport will offer flights to destinations such as Spain (Ryanair) and Cyprus (Ryanair). For short weekend trips, travellers can choose Finland (Ryanair) or the Netherlands (Wizz Air).

Strategically important destinations in Palanga Airport

Direct flights to Denmark (SAS), Ireland (Ryanair), the United Kingdom (Wizz Air, Ryanair), Norway (Norwegian Air Shuttle) and Latvia (airBaltic) will be available directly from Palanga.

Detailed information on direct and charter flights currently operating at Lithuanian airports can be found at www.palanga-airport.lt/en/before-the-flight/flights-information/flight-map

Last updated: 2022 10 27 16:20

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