Please have a valid identity document when travelling both inside and outside the Schengen area. 

Remember that a driving license, credit card or child's birth certificate are not proof of identity. 


For those travelling within the Schengen area

Since 2007, Lithuania has been a member of the Schengen area, along with 25 other countries. When travelling within the Schengen area, there are no checks on personal documents and a valid passport or identity card (ID) is sufficient for EU citizens.

However, this does not mean that you can travel within the Schengen area without a travel or identity document. Law enforcement officers from Schengen countries have the right to check a person's identity within their territory. Member States have also reserved the right to revert to border control procedures for a limited period of time in the event of a threat to security or public order. Border controls can also be restored during mass international sporting events. In these cases, checks on personal documents are reinstated. 

For travelers outside the Schengen area

When crossing Schengen borders, personal documents are checked at the State Border Guard post at the airport. It is important that the document is valid for a certain period of time, which is set by the countries themselves. In addition, travellers may be asked security questions, have their visa checked, documents justifying the purpose and duration of their trip, the amount of money needed to live in the country for the duration of their stay, etc. A foreigner who refuses to answer the questions asked or who fails to produce the documents required for crossing the state border shall not be admitted to the country.

Important information for travelling children

A minor can go to both Schengen and non-Schengen countries on his/her own, that is, unaccompanied by his/her parents or one of the parents. He/she must have a valid passport or identity card (a child's birth certificate is not suitable for travelling abroad), which are valid for a shorter period of time (2-5 years), so you should pay attention to the expiry date of the documents before you travel. If the child's surname is not the same as the surname of the parent with whom the child is travelling, officers may ask for the child's birth certificate.

Important: when a minor travels to a non-Schengen country alone or with an accompanying person, the notarized written consent of at least one parent is required, if the airline's regulations allow this. For more information on minor travelling, click here.



If you have any questions about crossing the border of the Republic of Lithuania, please contact the 24/7 hotline +370 460 53 688

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